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Welcome to Atlas                        
Let the Atlas Team Join Your Team...                                

Atlas Iron Works produces only the finest quality steel products. With strict shop guidelines and
rigid quality assurance programs in place, Atlas' fabrication beats the competition, hands down.
Welding is performed by AWS qualified welders in accordance with AWS standards, and all
steel is checked for accuracy before it is shipped to the customer.

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With the Atlas Team, you will receive quality customer service second to none.
Our experienced team of professionals provides each client with:
PROBLEM SOLVING SERVICE when the "unexpected" occurs. In most cases,
problems are avoided before they develop since our highly trained staff recognizes
potential problems early on and initiates corrective changes immediately.
VALUE ENGINEERING to further enhance the design by providing innovative ideas
to improve strength, efficiency, constructability and schedule.
RELIABLE DELIVERIES by using computer scheduling and weekly production
meetings to ensure adequate capacity and on-time completion.



Atlas Iron Works was founded in 1922 by Otto Klein, Bill Smith,
Charles Galt and Arthur Koppen, four men who shared a vision to
create a company which produced the finest quality fabricated
steel products available on the market. Combining their years of
experience in the steel industry, their personal integrity, and their
commitment to quality, they formed Atlas Iron Works, beginning a
tradition of excellence that has grown steadily for over eighty

During the Great Depression, when other companies faltered, Atlas Iron Works persevered. In WWII, Atlas combined their facilities, their men and their equipment with several other steel fabricators in St. Louis to build landing craft bulkheads for the nation's victory program. In the mid-50's, Otto Klein's son, Bill bought out the remaining partner, Charles Galt, and continued Atlas Iron Works as a family business. The family business continues to be both strong and competitive today as Dick Klein, Bill's son, leads Atlas Iron Works into the future.



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